Tuesday, 9 April 2013

More Pre Marathon Banter

Right! now that my hands are free again (they were very busy stuffing a snickers bar into my mouth) I've had a very relaxing few days.  Why is it that I can slip back into randomly delaying runs left right and centre but be planning my "return to exercise" post marathon all in one single breath.

Today, for example, I almost negotiated my way out of a 3 mile steady run thinking to myself that I didn't want to get all dressed into running gear for only 3 miles!!!!!
... Lets just remember that not far past 18 months ago I could barely run/walk 3 miles without the aid of oxygen or a stand-by medical team on hand to resuscitate me after I was finished!!

Yeah, I got over that one pretty quickly!

My food choices remain less than stellar *see snickers example above!

Besides all my mental issues surrounding the race, I'm so excited I could nearly pee myself; in fact talking of peeing I had a momentary heart attack not being able to locate the loo points on the map for the London Marathon but when I re-read their instructions I realised they were at 2 mile intervals, along with water at every mile ..... so SPOILT I tell you I did a little happy toilet dance just for myself :-)

... just in case you forgot which race I was running!

So my uuuummmm "return" to exercise post marathon plan:
YEAH ...
About that ...
I am more scared of never running or exercising again AFTER the race that I feel I need to start planning now.  So far I have in my head: 
Monday : Body Pump
Tuesday: Piloxing (name sounds fun) & Run
Wednesday : Run
Thursday: Run
Friday: Body Pump & Zumba
Saturday: Rest/Run
Sunday: Rest/Run

The planning is keeping my brain diverted and busy so whether or not I actually stick to something like this plan or not remains to be seen.

Do you or have you ever suffered from a post race dip or demotivated period after a race, I suppose you could call it the racing blues?
After I did the Midnight Moonwalk marathon I lost all interest in anything really, took me ages to get out of the lethargy funk but it happened.