Tuesday, 23 April 2013

London Marathon 2013

Pre Race:
Well I'm not actually sure where to start as the morning of the marathon I procrastinated about getting my kit on (nothing new there) ... because well, that meant I would actually have to DO the marathon now wouldn't it!  But I did finally get dressed and made my way to Canary Wharf DLR to get to the blue start line at Blackheath (there are 3 starts for the London marathon Red, Blue and Green*).  It was a most beautiful morning and I snapped a few pics on my through it was so peaceful and tranquil ... such a contrast to when I came through later!

Looking totally unimpressed!

Hubby took this one from our room after he had peeled himself out of bed after I had left!

 Canary Wharf pre race

At the race start

The first time I had to choke down tears
(lining up at the start)

The Race
The race itself ... without stating the obvious is frikkin long and I was tired and my legs were sore and I whinged to myself the whole way round, be thankful you were not running with me in other words ;-).  Having said that........
The first 10 miles were amazing, I felt good, I was on pace and the crowds were amazing.  It was hot (comparative to training temperatures) and before I started I knew I was going to have to take on more water so decided to take a bottle every 2 miles and started how I meant to carry on. Fuelling** was at every 4 miles ... more is better for me!
My support team were amazing! Hubby & pops-in-law made one travelling team; mops-in-law, the kiddos & BFF's made up another team
 ...... they were ALL superb supporters and they made it all worthwhile ... I defiantly chose the right friend to organise pre race dinner with because they can whip up a spag-bol fit for a marathoner that is for sure!

I took my first loo break at 10 miles, I felt an urge but there was not much ... retrospectively I could have skipped it.  This stop did 2 things for me: it took about 5 minutes I wasn't going to get back and from then on I kinda lost my rhythm and slowed and did lots of walking from the half way mark. Not because I was in pain, not because I was delirious or exhausted but because I was a little tired and also because I was possibly soaking up the atmosphere a little tooooo much with my lazy gene ;-)  Whatever it was I was having a great time walking or running!
Coming down Westferry Road into Canary Wharf ....
I missed hubby & pops-in-law because for the ONE time I had my music blaring I'm striding out (I'm clearly not running ;-) and having a blast.

By mile 17 I WAS feeling tired but fuelling and water were on track.
By mile 24 I thought I was going to die and contemplated my sanity and asked my friend at Big Ben to promise me not to let me EVER do anything like this again ;-)
Mile 24
Here a fellow as yet unmet bloggy/twitter friend Victoria had said she would be ... what a way to meet for the first time :-)
All picture rights on this one belong to Vix's friend
(thank you friend its a fab picture)

By the time I saw this sign I'd fought down many many emotions and the relief started to wash over me

After blubbing like a baby and finding the family
Official time: 05:43:31
off target but a great day so I am happy

Post Race
Would I do it again - in a heartbeat yes, I will be sitting at my computer on the 29th April with my card at the ready for when the ballot opens for next year.
Would I change anything I did ... yes, wear a cap or put on sunscreen and remember why I shoved the blue shirt in the back of the shirt draw in the first place (I had left underarm chafing deluxe at the end!)

I am still tired and a bit stiff 2 days out and I'm using it as an excuse to eat the house clean of any carbohydrate in sight ;-)  Tomorrow I go back to normal eating and am having a massage in the evening. Thursday I plan to run a mile or 2 and then possibly Zumba on Friday .... BRING IT ON!

Once I get the official pictures I'll put them up and a few others on Facebook.

If I missed anything or you want to ask me anything about the race please ask :-)


* There are 3 different starts, marked in different colours, each of it has its own infrastructure.
Blue start (numbers up to 26,500 and 55,751 to 59,000) in Blackheath: Here the elite runners take off, and also the serious club runners are here. Therefore you will not spot a large number of costumed runners here. Since 2007 all overseas runners start here.
Green start (26,501 bis 30,700) in Blackheath: This is small field of privileged runners like celebs, seniors, ever present runners, sponsors, slower Good for Age, special competitions and so on. 
Red start (30,701 to 55,750) in Greenwich: Here you will find most of the fun runners. Their parade before the start is an entertaining event itself. I reckon there is no race all over the world with such a big number of creative and weird costumes. Fast Good for Age runners have a special location ouside the Park. Each of the big starts, blue and red, have nine pens, to which you are allocated according to your target time. 

**I used Hammer Gels and ShotBloks