Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter & Marathon Goals

First up ... EASTER EGG HUNT.  The kids had totally forgotten it was easter but boy were they pleased with their little haul :-)

Easter 2013

Running related matters:
I ran my longest run EVER yesterday, 20 miles and man that was HARD.
I started easy and comfortable, had my first gel at mile 5 still comfortable to mile 10 (second gel somewhere over miles 10 / 11 I think) and then I start slowing down and by mile 15 I could have called a cab and hightailed it home .... my calf muscles were screaming at me form mile 15 onwards and I did rather a lot of walking I'm sad to say, TBH I felt like death but that will pass I'm sure; I'm hoping my calves were tighter than usual because of last weeks skiing!  In one respect I'm glad it wasn't easy, this way I think I will have a better understanding of what to do if this happens during the marathon but MAN am I hoping it doesn't.  Distance covered though is the main thing right!!!

If I did the marathon at 12:15 pace (based on yesterdays 20 miler) that would still bring me in under my first goal of sub 5:30 but that is not my ultimate goal even though it is still totally respectable and I would be over the moon with that ... a girls gotta dream bigger :-)

So with that here are my marathon goals as of today, I want to see how many I can tick off:

A: Finish the marathon
B: Finish the marathon with a smile
C: Finish with a sub 05:30 time
D: Finish sub 05:20
E: Finish sub 05:15
F: a sub 05:05 would be AMAZE-BALLS

I have also decided to run for a charity, I wasn't going to but it feels right. There is no minimum to raise as I already have a ballot place but its something I want to do.
I'm running for the Downs Syndrome Association in remembrance of my sister Natalie who was mentally disabled at birth but managed to live a happy life with the help of Sunfield School and care home in South Africa.

Me & Nats ... c. a looong time ago

I would like to raise awareness as much as raise money for the charity, one thing I always remember is the stares Nats used to get because people just didn't know.

Have you got any plans for April this year?