Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Clover Seeds Bursting

I was emailed by a representative for Clover asking if I would like to try a new Clover product called Seedburst and take them up on the recipe challenge. It contains a unique blend of seven healthy seeds and whole grains, providing a great source of vitamin E and Omega-3, without compromising the familiar taste of butter.
I found my closest stockist to be Tesco selling at £1.50 a tub

So I accepted the recipe challenge and decided to make oat bran Seedburst cookies.

... Yes the 4 neat cookie blobs I poured merged into one :-(

It still looked and tasted amazing with a sweet nutty flavour

Removal FAILURE :-(

Sadly I wouldn't recommend this recipe although it tasted great I would class it a failure; which is sad because I had high hopes for it. It has however inspired me to try something new with my scrambled eggs tomorrow morning ....

The product itself is divine spread on plain bagels .... oh my word!!!  If you notice I mentioned above that I found my first tub at Tescos and that is because I used the whole first tub on my pre and post long run bagels and was relieved to find Sainsbury's were having an introductory offer @ £1.20 per tub ... REZULT.  So it didn't take me long to plough through the divine nuttiness.  Drizzle with some golden syrup and you might as well find me in heaven ;-)

Would I recommend Clover Seedburst, yes.
Would I bake with Seedburst ... not me ;-)
I will however be stirring a teaspoon through my scrambled egg tomorrow morning for some nutty eggs :-)
Was I compensated for this review, yes for recipe ingredients.
Did it influence my opinion, no.

How keen are you to try new foods?
Me I like what I like and am generally apprehensive about new things and will wait forever to try something new so was very surprised when I took up this opportunity and found I actually liked the seeds in the spread.