Sunday, 28 April 2013

A promise is a promise

In the run up to the London marathon I had promised the kiddos that they could start running with me after the race.  And since the week prior to the race they came on their bikes while I did a 3 mile run and had such a fantastic time that they reminded me of my promise to get them proper running shoes and to come running with me ..... this makes my heart SO happy because
1. I can share my love of running with my children
2. They are keen to be active and healthy ... what more can I ask for!

So today we went shopping for some kit for them
Mini-me-snr Left : Mini-me-jnr Right

They then took off and have been tearing around the garden in them, they are totally excited at how light the trainers feel and can't wait for me to get them out and about which will be Monday/Tuesday.

Today I did 5miles out and about - felt great.

What do you thing about young kids that run with their parents?
I think that so long as they are having fun and the parents don't push them too far any exercise is good for them.