Thursday, 14 March 2013

Quick Random Catch-up

Monday it snowed! 

Tuesday the kids had a snow day (teachers could not get to school due to bad road conditions)

This is what marathon training will do to your house keeping skillz ;-)
ps also added another basket to the collection today - when will it ever stop???!!!

On the positive running side my knee is on the mend and I can run again without pain - YAY.  Initially I rested, stretched, had a sports massage and alternated ice and heat throughout the evening (testing short treadmill runs after 3 full days of rest firstly).  Then I got hold of a hand held ultrasound machine and use that now mornings and evenings for about 6 minutes on each side (as well as stretching and the occasional sports massage).  It's helping as I can run without pain ... is it a miracle cure? and will it work for you? I don't know.  What I have also done with returning to running is I have added a longer dynamic warm up before running and my first few shorter runs I did 10 minutes on the bike (on the turbo trainer) then a few miles on the treadmill and alternated like that so SOLID running was avoided in my second week recovery until my 11 miles last week which is did in one go out and about.

When you are too busy for housework, what do you let slip?