Saturday, 30 March 2013

Back from Holiday :-)

Wow time really does fly when you are having fun ;-)  Before I make this post all about me-me-me I need to know what you have been up to? I have tried catching up but if there is some big news and I haven't left a comment on your post or a Facebook comment please please let me know .... I hate being out of the loop ;-)

I seem to be blogging from catch-up to catch-up but I have a good reason, I promise!  We had our first FAMILY holiday in about 3 years and we had a fantastic time.  Now as holidays go I gave this one serious consideration because of my running the London Marathon in 3 weeks time so taking a skiing holiday would should be my second to last choice next to jumping out an aeroplane without a parachute right! WRONG!

YIP, we went for a ski holiday to Schliersee in the Bavarian area of Germany.

NUTS .... Yes, but I had a fantastic time.  As a beginner (only my 3rd time skiing) nerves were always at the forefront of my mind especially when our instructor had us throwing ourselves down a red run in freezing fog!
Alcohol played a large part in our daily routine, mostly AFTER we had finished skiing ... we are not ready to fully test out Après Ski just yet :-)

My little ski PROs:
Mini-me-snr made HUGE strides in his skiing skills
Mini-me-jnr went from zero to hero in a week

We walked part of the Schliersee lake (5miles round, we did 4miles)
This was the clearest path, the rest was pure and utter slush for the week so I never got to run around it :-(

... yes that is a flaming drink!!!!!

Do you ski or snowboard, or do you prefer your cocktails on a sunny beach somewhere??????