Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Action Plan

I have entered March in a very tentative mood to say the least
1. Knee / IT band injury persists
2. Time is running out to get long runs in
3. I've been eating crap
4. I've pick up 5kg since Christmas

.... see how they all lead in to each other!!

I have a plan of action, the osteopath says things are not as tight as they were (a good thing); with regards to exercise I have a cycle-run plan I want to test out later this evening (will report back); and the  gob-cramming-any-food-into-it food thing action plan involves me getting my face OUTA of the biscuit & sweet tin!

It's not been all bad:
This cuteness arrived with her mom (dad was here a week earlier) on Saturday
I have missed my BFF xx

I made another pot of minestrone soup of sorts, this one has less chicken but a bag of spring greens all blitzed up that I now seriously need to go feed to my grumbling tummy :-)

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Happy Tuesday everyone.