Saturday, 2 February 2013


If you follow me on Facebook you will already know that I mentioned this issue problem ailment condition *thing* on Saturday when I did my long run for the week.

I have tinnitus, quite badly ... hubby would even say annoyingly so.  I have see my doctor about it, he referred me to an ENT specialist, I had an MRI ..... they could find nothing, nadda, not even a lump or bump.  Which yes, I am relieved about but it hasn't made the stupid ringing in my ears go away or even lessen.  They did refer me for a hearing aid but all that did was make everything louder so I could hear the kid yelling 10 isles away in the supermarket but I still couldn't her the check-out lady :-(

I mention the tinnitus because I'm pretty sure its related to the vertigo - all the inner ear connections with balance and stuff.  I have had this vertigo, dizzy, falling over, feeling fait & nauseous business before.  The first I remember was on my 9th birthday then nothing until the tinnitus; it can last a day to a few weeks (2 years ago being my last episode).  I still seem to be able to function but do need slightly more rest than usual.  This morning I was actually feeling better but had a funny turn when getting dressed (hence the treadmill first before heading out).

So how can I manage this until it decides to stop and / or go away?
  1. I'm cutting coffee - after 2 days of no coffee I felt slightly better, had a coffee with breakfast and then felt weird again
  2. Not go running unless hubby knows where I am and how long I will be and be ready to fetch me at a moments notice
  3. Stop to check for traffic as sudden head movements are not good at the moment and whilst I've not actually passed out from it I don't want to tempt fate
My question is: Do I go to the doctor? What would you do?