Monday, 25 February 2013

Random Musings

This last week seems to have past with much focus being paid to my knee ... my left knee,
mmmmm, wonder if there is a movie in that? No, already been done! OK!

Well anyway my knee, or more specifically my IT band causing pain in my knee has been an issue since the Brighton half.

I have rested and I've iced

I've foam rolled and stretched

This morning I had an appointment with an osteopath so not just a *sports massage* as anticipated.  First off there was lots of history taken and talking, then assessing my body standing, bending knees etc etc It was only then that she did some osteopathy stuff and finally, last but not least I nearly cried when she got her hands into massaging - fortunately it wasn't for too long.  Funny thing was it was my right thigh that caused the most pain whilst being massaged - weird!

Anyways, she seems to think it stems from my left leg having too much movement in the hip so the old hip flexors and IT band tightens to try restrict hip damage.

I can run (obviously paying attention to any pain) so will rest up further today and have a tester tomorrow.  And I can do cycling to keep the cardio.

Exercise advice she was a tad vague so I ask and she gave me a few stretches to do (all of which I am already doing so *gold star*).  But I have been doing some research on strengthening exercises and I can tell I need to do lots of squats and lunges as well as keeping up with the stretches.

Running aside I also made Laura's yumming cookies
Original recipe HERE
Yes, mine are darker but I used chic-chips and they were YUMMY

And we have been having snow flurries, I ran in them on Saturday ...
... they hurt your eyeballs when they hit!!

Have a fantastic week all.