Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Race pics *cringe*!

Now what I will say is that whilst I cringed when looking through these I have since revisited my 2012 Brighton marathon pictures ...... yeah, right!

And from that post:

  1. Loose weight chicken-noodle, your race pics are BAAAAD!! = CHECK I am down a good 10kg and it shows, yes more to go and I need to think about strength training as well
  2. I need a hydration belt (its ordered already) ..... I HATE carrying a bottle and ditched mine at 10miles, I just could-not-carry it for one more meter! = CHECK, although I left the water bottle belt and went with gel belt only (minor fail)
  3. Remember to take camera for hubby = FAIL & he didn't even use his phone to try get pics!!
  4. Take post race pictures at venue = Minor FAIL, unless you count the medal one by the official photogs
  5. Keep having fun and enjoying running = PASS with flying colours ;-)
  6. Go back next year and beat Katie Price (international readers, think Kardashian/reality starlet) = PASS, now whilst she was not there I smacked her last year time by about 8 minutes :-)

Next year I plan on running as fast as Mr average .... doable?!?! only time will tell.