Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Photo A Day

You may have come across these recently but a friend has been doing these Photo a Day challenges for a while now and being the laggard I am I have only recently decided to jump on board. Basically there is a list of things that you translate into a photo each day that you can post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter .... wherever basically.  I tag on Facebook those I know that are doing it and #fmsphotoaday on twitter.

Here is February's list:

Here is my February contribution thus far:
1. Fork - my garden fork, it works HARD!
2. Pattern - my Moroccan rug, haggled hard for BIG discounts
3. Something beginning with E - my ears for obvious reasons they are a focus for me at the moment!
4. Hope - a very hopefully little rosebud that has wistfully blossomed WAY before spring
5. Something you smelled .... no comment required ;-)

It's really great fun and some of the pictures are seriously good (not mine you understand ;-)

For a FULL rundown & details go check it out HERE