Tuesday, 26 February 2013

"Lush" and "Porridge" used in the same blog post!

Training plans .... I have made a few adjustments to my marathon training schedule for this week.  I have gone from Hal Higdons Novice 2 training plan to his Novice 1 training plan for this week and possibly through to the end of the marathon. I've done it so I can:
a) give myself some reassessing time
b) let my IT band and knee heel
c) not push my body as much as previously so I can include strength and more stretching into my workouts

Of course this has pushed me to seek comfort food and barring a few custard creams Monday night with a cuppa tea I have opted for things like this:
Now not many of you may know this but I am NOT a porridge person but this porridge has won me over.  I did a-LOT of research before deciding to try this but I can say it is delicious, maybe even LUSH ;-)

LUSH OatBran Porridge:
Serves 1:
2TBSP Oat bran
1TBSP Flaxseed - ground
1TBSP Powder skimmed milk
1 egg white
...... mix all the above together until smooth (in a microwave-proof bowl)
Add 150mls skimmed milk
...... mix again until smooth

Place bowl into microwave and zap for 1 minute then stir.
Zap for another minute & stir.
Continue in 30second  batches from there if needed until you reach your desired consistency ... hubby likes his sloppier than I do so it really is a matter of choice and it also depends on how powerful your microwave is.

I top mine off with 8 drops of liquid Vanilla Stevia and a hefty dash of cinnamon mixed in.

What do you eat nowadays that you never ever EVER thought you would find yourself eating?
My list, in addition to porridge, would include:
Beans (of all descriptions besides fresh green ones)
Roquefort or any stinky cheese for that matter
...... there are more but I'll stop here ;-)

Happy Tuesday everyone.