Friday, 15 February 2013

Lets Connect Brooks

I saw on Twitter that Brooks were offering a free weeks trial of their PureProject trainers. FREE ... for a week ... where do I sign up?

On the Brooks website as it turned out ;-)

My nearest participating store was Sweatshop in Brighton so when pick up date arrived I hopped in old faithful and off I set; The date was Friday 08/02/2013 ...
My Brooks PureProject Connect2 trainers
*free for a week* #TryItOn

When I got these babies home I had to try them on.  I boobed and ordered a size 6 which is my normal shoe size so I was worried!  They were snug but not tight.  SO after the school run I hit up Freddie for a tester 2 miles. It was a great 1st test run, I could still feel the snugness but what was amazing was feeling the arch support and talk about FAB tongue design .... it ROCKS :-)

Technical Detail Interlude:

Toe Flex: A toe box split allows the big toe to function independently and engage the runner’s natural balance. Flexible materials empower a more efficient push off during the propulsion phase.
Nav Band: This exible band wraps over the instep to comfortably secure the foot in place. The dynamic stretch provides just the right amount of reinforcement and conforms to individual foot shape and size.
Ideal Heal: Brooks' signature inverted heel promotes a natural foot strike by landing in a more forward position on the foot. This aligns the runner’s center of gravity and encourages optimal energy return.
BioMoGo DNA: BioMoGo, an earth-friendly midsole technology, is blended with Brooks® patent-pending DNA smart cushioning to create a springy return and custom comfort. This also reduces the use of energy and amount of waste by removing drop-ins.
Anatomical Last: Designed from an anatomical form, the shoe’s shape contours the foot for a glove-like feel and provides support for every part of the foot.
Tuned Density Midsoles: Brooks tuned the density in their midsoles to better correspond with gender and weight categories, delivering a custom balance of cushioning that’s not too soft or stiff.

Saturday I was tempted to do my 7miles in them but resisted ... I didn't want to get blisters or chafing or something stupid close to the Brighton Half on the 17th Feb so I stuck with my Nike FreeRun trainers.

You'd be right if you thought I couldn't choose which colour laces to go with ;-)
Monday was an easy 3miles and thanks to a busy day they landed up being on the treadmill again .... I NEED nay I WANT to get these babies out on the road for a few miles.

Well Wednesday I got my wish; I took these babies outside.  It was a beautiful crisp morning. Not too early and not too late and most importantly NO SNOW!
I got these puppies muddy "off roading" when passing walkers & their poochies and/or pushchairs and I loved every bit of it. Still not a long run but a fast one for me.  

So do I feel the benefit of the 3cm tilt in my centre of gravity? Well I'm not sure, I'm no expert but I do feel comfortable and relaxed when wearing them.
Yes you will notice I went all out green for my "out" run ;-)

They are not as soft as my Nike Free's but that is not a bad thing - my foot felt secure; something to note is that they are snug narrow around the forefoot area so DEFINITELY a 1/2 size up if you want a pair; they are most certainly comfortable and a great introduction to less of a cushioned shoe for those interested.  They are not barefoot running shoes and they are not cushioned.  Suffice to say I am very pleased to have had to opportunity to try these out in my own time, at my own pace on my own routes.  GREAT bit of marketing by Brooks.
*sad face*

I said goodbye to them today; nice Brooks man at the Sweatshop in Brighton (Alan I think his name was) gave me a voucher if I want to buy a pair IF - I mean REALLY ;-) of course I want a pair!!!!

They certainly will be on my birthday list that is for sure.


PS This was a country wide promotion Brooks ran which I registered for; I've not been paid for this wish I had, yes I received a voucher but so would everyone who took Brooks up on their #TryItOn free pair of Brooks PureProject trainers. 
PPS Brooks if you EVER want to send me free stuff I'd be happy to oblige *happy face*