Thursday, 14 February 2013

International day of love

Also commonly referred to as Valentines Day which infers the showing of love shared between 2 people but really it's a commercial rip off day to "show" each other how much you love them by buying ludicrously priced chocolates, flowers, cards and/or jewellery.

I love love, and I love my hubby and I love my kids and my family and friends but do I need to spend a fortune on them .... me thinks not but the marketers of cards, jewellery, chocolates etc seem to say that you should. If my nearest and dearest do not get enough love from me during the years gone and the years ahead well then I am not ever going to be able to spend enough money to make it up to them in one single day of the year.

Mini-me-jnr placed the cupcakes and all the boys were thrilled as it meant hubby is not expected to produce flowers, chocolates or any trinkets and the littler ones didn't have to take valentines cards to school for girls because basically girls are still pretty "YUCKY" to them.

Yesterday in the car on the way to swimming we were talking about Valentines day and I said to the boys that it was a day where you can show your love to all the special people in your life that you  ... well .... love! And mini-me-jnr said:
"well I love mommy because she is the best mommy in the whole world"
he then turns to mini-me-snr and says:
"she is isn't she?"

And that folks makes me feel more warm and fuzzy inside than the biggest sparkly rock in the whole wide world.