Thursday, 28 February 2013

February in Exercise

SO, it seems I started the month in a dizzy spin and finished up in a leg spin ;-)

Friday 1st:  Vertigo carrying on = rest
Saturday 2nd: 11miles TM 1mile + 10 out miles run
Sunday 3rd: Rest

Monday 4th: 4miles TM run
Tuesday 5th: nothing
Wednesday 6th: nothing
Thursday 7th: nothing
Friday8th: 2miles TM run
Saturday 9th: 7miles out run (slight knee twinge)
Sunday 10th: Rest

Monday 11th: 3.1miles TM run
Tuesday 12th: Rest
Wednesday 13th: 3.27miles out run
Thursday14th: 2miles TM run
Friday 15th: Rest
Saturday 16th: Rest
Sunday 17th: Brighton Half 13.14miles @ 02:26:34 :-)

Monday 18th: Rest
Tuesday 19th: active rest: 10 min bike; 15min strength; 30min stretching
Wednesday 20th: 2.5miles TM walk run ... knee sore
Thursday 21st: 2hrs Zumba & foam rolling
Friday 22nd: Rest
Saturday 23rd: 13miles out walk/run; after about 7 miles knee sore
Sunday 24th: Rest

Monday 25th: Osteopath
Tuesday 26th: 3miles TM ... knee not great
Wednesday 27th: 70 mins iCycle
Thursday 28th: 45mins iCycle

My running miles have not been stella this month, neither have my food choices if I am honest.  Whilst I have found some amazing recipes like the minestrone soup and porridge ... more and more bread and biscuits and kids-bin munchies have been consumed :-(  I need to work on buckling to comfort face-stuffing if I am to cross the marathon start line in the shape and form I want to.

I will leave you with my favourite picture form the February photo challenge, the title was "Perfect"
sulky & chocolate face ;-)