Friday, 1 February 2013

February Focus

Now that January is done and dusted my marathon training focus intensifies during in February with long runs getting longer and a half marathon thrown in mid-month for that essential race training experience.

So what was January like for me?
Well here you are in case you have forgotten:
My Brighton Half pack arrived in the post;
TeaPigs became TeaCows - in my house only you understand!
We had snow;
I knitted;
It rained;
I injured myself doing a 15 minute Nike+ secession!

For February I need to retain my focus on running, use my exercise mat and not give myself any more silly very painful carpet burns; I stay at 4 runs per week but go up in mileage to an 18 mile long run ... heaven help me!
I also want to stretch more and add some basic strength exercises - I'm scared to though so any ideas that I can add in whilst marathon training are totally welcome.

Best news of the year so far is that mumsie & popsie - in-law have confirmed they are going to be here for me running the London Marathon ..... words cannot express my happiness!!

And not forgetting my overall 2013 focus:
I will run and complete, to the best of my ability, the Virgin London Marathon.
I will loose the remainder of my weight and get to and stay at a happy place.
I will make an effort to keep family & friends near and far close.
I will love and cherish my children each and every day.

What is YOUR focus for February?
Strength training ideas for 1st time marathon training - hit me with them (gently) please.