Monday, 7 January 2013

Much Ado About Shoes

As you know I never have and never will consider myself a fashionista but every now and again I try, sometimes I get it right and sometimes it can go horribly wrong.  Take me and shoes for instance, I love them!!! and every now and again I venture into high heel territory and I should never really do that.  You would think that I had learnt I'm not a heels girl but nooooooooo, not I, I never learn.

I bought these most awesomely exquisite pair of Irregular Choice shoes, I saw and I fell in love.
They were soft, comfortable and gorgeous but there was a snag ... as stunning as the heel was it was too high for me to walk in or even stand in for too long if truth be told.  I could have cried buckets sending them on to someone else to have and to hold; I was sad and it showed.

But it has not stopped me from looking and loving more, different and new shoes. Take these for instance:
Cute, sassy, yet sensible ... I can see me loving an English summer in these.

Or how about these for a more immediate choice, I have also been drooling over these beauties:
For some reason I have this desire to wear fuzzy or fur fringed boots this year and these would fit the bill very nicely thank you

Are you a shoe person? A gloves diva? A hat girl or someone who loves all things frilly? Tell all.