Sunday, 6 January 2013

Looking for Inspiration

Today while out on my run I got a thumbs up from a fellow runner chap going in the opposite direction and I wish I could tell him how much that kept me going.   It was like in one simple gesture he said to me:
"well done lass, you are doing great, keep it up.  See, aren't you glad you didn't take the shorter route and kept to the program.  Be proud hold you head high and stay strong"
... yes he said all that to me with a simple thumbs up.

So it got me thinking as to how I have found my motivation for today.  

Firstly I tagged myself with my ID tag before I headed out and told hubby my route; how much he heard of it I'm not sure be he's good at recalling sh1t when he needs to ;-)

Secondly I have a new desktop picture on my laptop; sorry my gorgeous goddaughter but it had to be done .... for a little while anyway.

And lastly, today I did not set a time for me to go out and run, I know!!! get me being all blasé about running; I lay in bed and watched the mist rolling past the window for 2 hours at least and did not feel guilty - I can do that sh1t, maybe I should run a course on *how to* ;-); then I went shopping with the boys to spend some christmas gift cards, hit up the craft store for some black wool for a beanie hat for mini-me-jnr and only then after we got home did I get dressed and go out for my run.  I was relaxed and happy to be out there again.

How do you find your motivation to get out and keep active?