Tuesday, 8 January 2013


So the lovely Laura over at Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish is running some amazing competitions at the moment.  One that caught my eyeball was all about how you already managed to, or plan to, Get Fit, Feel Epic this New Year .... yes please I thought ;-)
It is sponsored by MoneySupermarket.com who are running a Get Fit, Feel Epic competition which you can check out HERE

My journey to getting fit stopped very soon after I won this race back in .... well lets just say a looooooong time ago in primary school.  uuuummmm STOPPED getting fit I hear you say this is all about getting fit and feeling epic, I know I know.  But to understand where I am now the history is important.

So during high school I did very little no school sport but I did go to gym, did classes and weights circuits.  But then after school I discovered dancing and Sambuca and never had to worry about my weight (I am in no way advocating this as a weight loss or control system in fact I'd advise against it!).

More recently after stumbling my way through a variety of fad diets I finally discovered healthy eating and exercise - BANG, its been like an new lease on life.

SO:  I've been getting fit through running most recently but I also throw a kettlebell around occasionally, hop on my bike and do the occasional home DVD, of which I have many ;-)

And how do I plan on feeling EPIC? (I love the word EPIC btw), well I'm registered to do the Virgin London Marathon this year an on completion I KNOW I will feel EPIC.

Go check out Laura's page and all her fab competitions she is running ..... who knows, I might win you might win ;-)