Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dunkin' my Toes into Blog Land

Would you believe me if I told you I had drawn up a blogging schedule last week to try keep me blogging regularly?! NO, neither would I.

Life it seems is just not about schedules around here at the moment (but it SHOULD BE!), stuff just constantly gets in the way and time is flying already.

So since last Wednesday what have I been up to?

I've been #jantastic running with Marathon Talk and Maria's team, of Running Cupcake fame, RUN BAKE BLOG.
If you don't know about Marathon talk go check them out
They produce a weekly FREE podcast all about running with some great interviews.  They make great listening on long runs.

The weather in England has started to finally do something besides RAIN; temperatures have dropped and I'm loving the -2ÂșC runs ... HONESTLY I am!
From this mornings 6miles
What else .....???

Oh yes, the boys are all sorted with a variety of after school clubs; there seems to be science club and film club for mini-me-snr and creative craft club and board games for jnr.  Mini-me-jnr is also going to start up with guitar lessons - well he has all the moves so why not let him learn the tunes; I will try get a pic of him in action its tooooooo funny ;-).  They also both still do swimming and then put me to shame on the treadmill regularly - for speed not distance you understand!!!!

I'm still knitting and have started to knit a jumper for the hubster (at his request mind you).
I'll update you on progress in ooooooo about 2014 shall I ;-)

How has January been treating you in the first few weeks?