Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Much Ado About Nothing

You would be forgiven for thinking I have been too busy to blog, well I have been occupied but with a variety of things, bits and bobs and odds and sods that I can't recall off hand ....... yes its been a few weeks of *busy nothingness* ;-)

Not much running has happened!

Weight gained
- CHECK 3kgs up

LOTS of eating has taken place; point in case:
- I bought a tin of biscuits for all the office & ground staff at the kids school ..... GONE!
- I bought a tin of Quality Streets for said lovely kind people ..... GONE!
- I bought mince pies ..... delivered and ONLY because I don't eat mince pies!

I have got christmas gifts ALMOST ready for everyone
- Kids - check but not wrapped
- hubby - check but not wrapped
- teachers & teaching assistants ..... 2 more to go and I can't wait to show you pictures of what I've done :-)
- Magda - 1/2 done, second half still to do
- Bella & Rufuf - still to do

Christmas cards
- WHAT Christmas cards!!!!

Kids nativity plays:
- 1 done 1 to go

Remembering kids things to take to school during these busy 2 weeks .....
- ALMOST there and only forgotten to send mini-me-snrs Cornet last week.

Handcrafted Christmas jumpers they wore in to school last Friday
and YES, I am well chuffed with my handiwork :-)

So I'm heading into the Christmas period hopeful we all make it out the other side happy, healthy and not tooooo much of a weight gain.  All the while I am hugging and holding my kids just a little closer each and every day.

Sending love to Newtown, I don't know what else to say; the tragedy is devastating.

Love to all xx