Thursday, 6 December 2012

Mr Tumble

.... or Mrs Tumble* as the case may be ;-)

When it's still -1ºC out and you need to go run 5miles ...

... looking like a fashionista is the last thing on my agenda!

But my ears were warm
and that was all that mattered.

Until I took a run-fly-dive-crash while I was out 
(READ as: I tripped over my own feet and bit dirt!)

Fortunately I only had a bruised ego!

... and we all know a bruised ego is easily fixed with chocolate milk :-)

It's the first time its happened to me; a kind gent stopped his car to make sure I was ok.  Its amazing how quickly I did a full body check to make sure I WAS ok.  I was fine for the last 2 odd miles of the run so all good.

It did get me thinking:
1. I only had my mobile phone with me
2. I had NO money with me for a bus let alone a cab home if needed
3. I had NO contact information on me! No who I was; No emergency number; No nothing!

Think I'll be asking santa for a few stocking fillers!

Anyone have any of their own "head over heels" tales to share with the rest of us??


* click HERE to see who Mr Tumble is - kids in the UK LOVE him