Monday, 24 December 2012

A Post About Knitting

I kid you not, I knitted 7 pairs of gloves for teachers and teaching assistants at the boys school and a pair for my fabulous cleaner and here they are (all bar 1 pair I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of!!)

They LOVED them;  
I saw 2 teachers opening and their faces were all smiles and apparently mini-me-snr got embarrassed with hugs from one teacher .... so all worth the blood sweat & tears :-)

All packed and ready to go - notice the disclaimer, I couldn't resist ;-)

I had such fun knitting and crocheting all these.  It certainly is a labour of love and not something to do for money ... well not unless you knit really speedy.

And also
To all around the world
May 2013 be even better than 2012, with goals achieved in abundance 
And may your year be filled with love, peace and happiness.

Lara & family xxxx