Friday, 9 November 2012

Sticks and Stones

Well, ok ... only sticks, no stone throwing here if that is what you expected ;-)

A while back I ordered what is called The Marathon Stick, yip you heard me, a STICK!!!  Now I know I have a foam roller but for the life of me (one leg on top of the other) I cannot get good or enough pressure on my calf muscles to feel any form of muscular release.  So I took the plunge and stumped up the cash to get me one of these little babies ...

I sourced and paid for this little number all by myself
UK readers I found mine HERE

And I am totally NOT sorry one bit that I did.  It lives next to my bed so I can do as much or as little rolling as I need.  The benefits to my calf muscles has been amazing.  I also do a quick, but still painful, roll on my thighs & IT band at the same time - its WAY easier than getting down on the foam roller on the floor.
Picture posing with my stick ... 

I've done a quick scrounge on youtube and found a technical explanation video and a "how to" video; worth a watch and much more professional than me trying to put one together.

The technical one:

The how to practical one:

I hope you have found this little mini eeerrrmmm "review" helpful; I know that I have found the stick very helpful in prevention as well as sorting out muscular problems in my legs.  I totally credit this little addition to my running kit for sorting out the problem I developed on my inner left knee just before the Barns Green Half and has kept the "problem area" under control since.

Do you have any "secret weapons" in your fitness arsenal?
Mine was my stick and compression socks but now I've spilled the beans on both ;-)