Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Radio Silence

Well after my dismal October November has started out to be a great month and shows promise to stay that way; Today its back to school for the kiddos and the weather was fantastic, I'm throwing a positive mental attitude at it as well just to make sure.

My most perfect English day:
Frost on the ground and crisp blue skies

So, after having a LARGE electricity account build up (without being told about it btw) I opened a letter on November 1st from our supplier who wrote to say they were writing 2 thirds of it off because it was their mistake and it was from over a year back.
On November 2nd I opened a letter to say that a PPI (payment protection insurance) claim was successful and that we would have a cheque by the end of the month - this means that the potential costs of vet claims for Rufus & his hip dysplasia (which the pet insurance refuse to cover due to timings) will be in a savings account for if we ever need it.
Rufus hound with a half term holiday kiddo for a pillow :-)

So money worries averted, on to what I have been doing since I seem to have successfully maintained radio silence for over a week now.  Well let me explain that it is rather hard to blog and knit at the same time I can tell you that!!!!
Square 1 of 6 started last week, only 1 more to go :-)

Last week I took off exercise all together, I was feeling a little run down and wanted to give myself a total break before marathon training kicked in.  So anyways I got bored and started knitting a baby blanket from this pattern here (not for me BTW for a friend due in December).  Basic and easy and something I could do since I've not knitted since I was about 10 years old. The kiddos then though it was a fab idea and wanted to join in ...
Collectively we are called

We didn't do a huge bonfire this weekend because of all the rain everything was just WAY to wet and so we did this instead:
I love Chinese lanterns, so elegant and peaceful.

All in all a great start to the month, I'm back to exercising, being positive and enjoying life.

Today I am grateful for the beauty around me:
What are you grateful for today?