Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mental Allergy

Mental Allergy - It's true, and it's real.  

Now whilst its not a physiological reaction, its a reaction none-the-less. Over the weekend whilst I was cramming as many Mr Kipling's angle slices into my gob as I could (are you sensing a trend in my eating patterns here??!!) it was at that point that I thought "what if I were allergic to sugar, wheat and evil to me carbs, it would be so much easier to avoid them then". Then I immediately said to myself "well clearly you ARE allergic to them, its just that you are MENTALLY allergic to them".

I thought I had coined a phrase but apparently not, as today I sat down to do some research on mental allergy and have found several informative pieces to read about it.

From A Whole Approach:
"Did you know that food and/or chemical allergies can create emotional, behavioral and mental symptoms such as panic attacks, compulsive behavior, depression, psychotic episodes, or hallucinations? They can also contribute to many less severe mental and emotional symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, inability to concentrate, or feelings of being in a mental "fog". A surprising number of people have been able to eliminate such troubling symptoms simply by removing the allergens from their diet or living environment."
COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOUR was what jumped out at me first as I was reading ... the mental fog comes later but it comes - be sure of that!!

An interesting story of altering food intake lessens depression in a patient.
"The idea that food affects the mind is an alien concept to many people."
I can imagine that if I went to my doctor and said I was mentally allergic to sugar he would certainly commit me as NUTS! (not that he is a bad doctor but because of the alien concept it presents at the  moment).

So, as I'm reading all this I'm thinking about my lack of motivation (along with my inability to stop shovelling mentally allergic inducing food down my throat), and what I consider my case of the winter blues / SADs ... creating my lack of exercise motivation! Armed with this knowledge I have to try and control my food intake to avoid any further mental allergic reactions that downward spiral into no exercise.  Its hard, because ... well ... I must eat so I feel I need to adopt an allergic persons attitude.  Now its not that I need or want to carry an Epi-pen around with me for allergic reactions but if I can adopt that mid-set I'm hoping it will help; so for example:
"no I'm sorry I won't eat that Mr Kipling angel cake ..... I'm allergic!"

Signing off as positively hopeful