Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Injury of a different kind!

A quick midweek catch-up from me, feels like I've been running non stop and I mean that in the figurative sense!!

Exercise has been very frustrating for me .... seems I've injured my frigging BRAIN!!!  It constantly is fighting any form of exercise, I haven't even been to Zumba recently.  I gave myself a week off to avoid burn out and then my brain must have thought "oh hey, I like being a slob" and so didn't want to do anything when I was supposed to get back to it last week!  So this week I have FORCED myself back to it:
Monday: in the morning I did a very gentle 30 minute core DVD (I still hurt the next day); and after 8.5 hours of procrastination I finally got to do 30 minutes on the treadmill!!!
Tuesday: 20 minutes iCycle on the turbo trainer
Wednesday: today I'm planning a run at some point but I'm running out of time already!

WHEW ... that sounds a bit like a he-said-a-she-said-a-we-said-a piece ;-)

After my weight brag post HERE its been all downhill as well .... I've picked up 3kg in as many weeks because I've been ramming everything and anything into my gob. Sad but true!  I am back to healthy and more controlled eating this week and the easy gain is turning into an easy loss (if there is such a thing?).  And I feel so much better physically for it as well.  So hoping now that the sugar lows are gone so too will my lazy brain!

I have been keeping my fingers busy with eeerrrmmmm knitting, yip you read right
I KNIT!!!!  The knitting ninja's have been busy and ...
... here is my first finished effort

Close up:

Very proud of it but it's too heavy to give to the lady I was going to .... it would squash her baby for sure!! so working on a second (lighter) project.

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