Tuesday, 2 October 2012

September Highlights

OK, so what about SEPTEMBER THEN?

1. Run 50 to 55 miles

Well actually I did 60.6 miles!!!!
2. Run the Barnes Green Half marathon 30th September in a better time than 02:45 from the Brighton Half at the beginning of the year :-)

I ran 02:34:01 - VERY pleased with myself if I may say so ;-)

3. Zumba once a week for fun

YES, bar the week before half marathon
4. Get a weekday routine going and report back what it is .... I mean it this time ;-)

Wake at 07:30 (if I'm not missing my alarm and over sleeping)
Rush about to get the kids to school & have breakfast
Do Exercise (I'm working on this one still!!!)
Do domestics / work (I have to earn my keep apparently ;-))
Collect kids and run around after kids
Exercise if not done in the morning
Faff about getting dinner ready (kids and adults eat different things ... kids fault they are too fussy!!)
Kids to bed about 8pm
Plop on couch
Upstairs to bed by about 10pm'ish .... mostly
5. Cut artificial sweeteners out my diet & to keep Dukan eating as clean as possible
Got my Steivia liquid from iHerb and am loving it
6. Do ONE fun thing with the kids each week on a school day

Uuuummmmm, not every day but Mondays have become our family swim splash time if homework is finished by the end of the weekend
7. Try out a Zuzana workout YEIKS!

I thought about it does that count?

October Plans:
1. Run 55 to 60 miles
2. Run the Run to The Beat Half marathon 28th October in a better time than the Barns Green Half of 02:34:01
3. Not turn into a blubbering idiot when my BFF leaves to go live in another country

Seems simple enough this month, I foresee number 3 being the bitch!

How do you cope with close family or friends moving FAR away?