Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mid October aaaaaand ...

... its autumn ya all.

WOW, how did that happen?  Ok so no I'm not going to go into the details but I am going to marvel at the beauty of autumn because I love this time of year.  The colours are just the best as leaves change from green through awesome shades of red, orange, yellows and browns.

The summer sandals are gone and the jumpers are out, thats right ... it's time to snuggle up in front of fire place.

This change in weather, as much as I love it, is playing havoc with my sinuses and in turn ... with my running.  Last night I slept not much and woke up even more stuffed up and with a burning throat and, wait for it .... nostril - I KNOW!!!! burning NOSTRIL, whats that all about?!  Anyway that cowboshed my 7miles I had planned for today.  Instead I have been relaxing and dosing up with the aim of running them tomorrow.

What has everyone got planned for Halloween this year??
Yes, I'm looking for ideas as we are too remote to trick or treat so thinking of finding a good fireworks display to take the kiddos to.