Monday, 22 October 2012

Lets Talk About Weight Bay-Bee

Yip, I haven't talked about my weight or my diet recently so thought I would dedicate a whole post to it, lucky you ;-)

As someone who has never had to watch her weight and managed it without much thought as I was growing up, I then had 2 children and things changed BIG TIME.  I have never been one with a sweet tooth, in fact I'd rather have a second serving of curry (or whatever was being served up) instead of dessert.  But I fell pregnant and developed a sweet tooth like no other and it DIDN'T go away once babba was born either.  Somehow through getting older and / or two pregnancies my metabolism changed as did my tastes; this combined with giving up a 10 odd year smoking habit which had grown to about 30+ a day I gained weight over the next few years.  Top weight without being pregnant was in the region of 86kg (thats 190lbs or 13.5stone); for my height of 168cm / 5'6" ....... thats pretty flabby.

Throughout the years of gain I have tried various diets.  Some had worked wonders for me in the past but now they no longer worked .... I was angry, despondent, sad and frustrated - these diets had never failed me before!!  So I ventured to trying new diets; they all worked to a certain degree but I was still eating too much and the metabolism wasn't kicking in like it used to.  I was exercising but I was also trying to "out exercise" a bad diet for a while.

So as you may have read in the past I am currently eating and following a Dukan diet.  You can read past posts on it HERE and HERE.  Three and a half months in and I am still enjoy the food, it's tasty and we have enough variety for us not to get bored.  Now I'm not 100% Dukan ALL the time, I have had a few really nonDukan meals but appreciate that 1 bad meal does not mean the whole day has to be bad.

2 July 2012 Start weight: 80.4kg
30 July 2012 74.2kg
12 October 67.9kg .... a massive 12.5kgs DOWN :-)

I have learnt to manage low carb and my long runs with the help of energy gels such as Hammer Gels and Shot Bloks during my runs and higher carb veggies such as butternut and parsnips eaten the day before; along with some sneaky nuts and Munchy seeds just because I feel like it.  Oh and chocolate milk after a long run its a REAL treat for me (Alpro Light chocolate milk is really great)*

* unsponsored and unpaid but if anyone form Alpro, Cllif Bar & Company Shot Blok, Hammer Nutrition UK or Munchy Seeds want to send me free goodies get in touch :-)

One of the BEST things about this way of eating - besides the view to it being a way of life now is that I have FINALLY slimmed enough to be able to wear my wedding band and engagement rings again - long time readers may remember that this has been an ongoing goal of mine, well for the 2 years I have been blogging actually, and now .... I've DONE it and couldn't be happier :-), that and running is SO much easier 12.5kgs lighter WOOOHOOOO :-)

OK, enough patting myself on the back; have you found your metabolism or habits have changed over the years .... how did they change and were they for better or for worse .... I know, I know cringe at what I did there - I'll go now ;-)