Saturday, 27 October 2012

Half Mary DNS

10 Day Plan VS 10 Day ACTUAL:
Sat / Sun:   run 7miles            VS           nothing
Mon:          rest                     VS           4miles
Tue:           run 2-3 miles        VS           rest
Wed:          iCycle                  VS           2miles
Thur:         2-3 miles               VS          nothing
Fri & Sat:   rest                       VS          9miles
Sun:           Nike Run To The Beat Half Marathon VS BAD weather anticipated

Friday weather check

Saturday weather check

You may very well have been able to predict this outcome if you had been weather watching like I have been, I can run in the cold (I did this for my 9 miles today) but to run in COLD rain …… I’d rather not if I don’t HAVE to.  I'm a wimp, sorry.  So I have my very first DNS which is slightly disappointing but I still have my health and won't be spending the next week feeling snotty and sorry for myself ... well thats what I'm telling myself anyways ;-)

What have I learn't from this?
I need to toughen up and zip up my man suit ..... UM, yeah no me neither hey ;-)
Happy weekend all.