Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Goodbye October

Well I'm just going to say it out loud
"October was the crappiest month I have had in a long while"

If it could go wrong - it did!
If I could make the wrong decision - I did!
If something was going to go missing - it did!
If someone was going to bitch and moan - they did!
and worst of all, good friends have pootled off to the underside of the world on a long adventure........

Looking back I can say that I hated October, emotionally it nearly wrecked me in every way possible.

On the bright side, I still have my family who are all healthy; I still have my health; my friends are all still "there" for me even if I can't give them a real hug and the misty moody weather has fitted in rather well with me emotionally.

Moody & Misty

Sorry to dump on you all like this but if not here then just be thankful you don't follow me on twitter, it was a DIRE stream of emotions at times!
Speaking of "dump" ... a public toilet picture because I felt like it OKAY! ;-)

I will leave you with this today:
1 princess and 1 mountain goat exploring their new homeland
and one missed BFF behind the camera

Tell me one good thing to take in to November with me to make it a better month.
I'm planning a Guy Fawkes bonfire for the kids .... hoping I don't burn the house down!