Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Mind Is a Funny Old Thing

A little insight into how my brain works .... or doesn't, depends on how you look at things ;-)!

I went for a run Saturday, no particular time or distance I just knew I had about an hour and a half to do it in while mini-me-jnr was at cycle club.

Being colder I put on my long running tights = PROBLEM.  The pocket has a big hole in it so I would loose my car key if I put it in there.

I can't put my car key in with my phone in my armband as it would be too bulky and would dig into my arm.

HELP I'm thinking!!!!

I don't want to take my hydration belt!!

I try putting a normal belt on with a pouch .... I look like a doush-bag!

I tried tying the pouch on with my tights cord = BIGGER doush-bag!

The finally thought I would thread the pouch onto my Garmin strap ... a sensible solution until you see what I finally did .....
Why did it take so long for me to come up with the obvious!! Why did I just not think of this first instead of going though such STUPID options first?!?!?!

I think this is what happens to your brain when you get old, but I do hope NOT.  Someone please tell me it was a temporary moment of madness and won't happen again, pllllleeeeeeeaaaazzzzeeeee.

Basically nothing was working for me Saturday because I clearly couldn't be bothered to lift my feet more than a few centimetres off the ground either ...

Roll on monday ... I'm hoping for clarity of mind and flight of foot ;-)