Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Something unusual for me

Now if you have been reading this blog for even just a month you will know that I am far from being a fashionista.  I try but even just the other day I had mini-me-snr walk out of school and go "oh, UG(ly) shirt mom" ..... BANG deflated and brought down by a 9 year old in the school playground!  So needless to say fashion is NOT something I feel comfortable blogging about.

Not one to be beaten while I'm down I've had a hankering for some new autumnal scarves so I hit up TkMaxx yesterday and bought two good ones that Mr 9 year old hasn't past comment on yet.

I put one on this morning and felt rather good in it, it even kept me warm on this our first frosty morning of the season ...

On the school run :-)

When I got home and had finished working frittling around I had a go at youTube to see if I could find some new ways to wrap it around my neck, may I just say that there are zillions of videos on how to wrap a scarf (who knew!!!), but this is what I found & liked:

Go to 03:10 to see how do do the one I liked

So here is the same scarf from picture 1 in the new "school pick-up-run" ;-)

Well I hope I have at least entertained you with this post and possibly taught you a thing or two on scarfing (is that even a word?!?!?!!!!!)