Thursday, 6 September 2012

Beautiful Day

I was going to call this post "Thankful Thursday" but then realised a pic or two are from earlier in the week ;-) and besides, today HAS been a beautiful day.

I randomly "LIKE" facebook pages that appeal to me either from a food, running, fitness, health  or any other reason that takes my fancy.  A few weeks ago I "LIKED" Healthy Food Mag page and as they had a competition you would be entered into if you shared their page - so I did and then BINGO ....
.... These little beauties arrived in the post this morning ... there were TEN of them in the envelope :-)
Don't know why but free food ALWAYS tastes better ;-)

So I celebrated by finishing off mowing the garden ... the field will have to wait for tomorrow.
Wellies in summer are SO NOW ;-)

This weekend saw us celebrating the heir to the throne's 9th birthday (mini-me-snr), he's so grown up I get scared sometimes but love him scary madly as much as the day he was born.
This was BREAKFAST!!!

Not much happened I did no exercise for NINE days!!!!  The variety between no energy, cracking off half my toenail (I decided to spare you that picture) and and and ... and then I did 2 miles on Freddie yesterday morning and I survived so headed out for 3 miles this morning and nearly died - tomorrows 4 to 5 should be in the middle effort wise RIGHT??!!!!!... I do hope so ;-)

Lates peeps, I need to get that 9 year old to swimming.