Sunday, 30 September 2012

Barns Green Half Report - Picture Post

Well the Barns Green Half Marathon has to be the most beautifully challenging race I have done to date.  You run through (and smell) rural scenery for the full 13.1miles, it is amazing.  The weather was perfect, overcast about 10ºC although the wind did pick up for that last 4 odd miles, on the hills!!!...or maybe it was just my imagination playing tricks on me ?!?!
Wondering around the village green trying to look cool eating a banana!

Trying to get pinned in to my number without pinning myself!!

Parking was great and easy to get to and out of at the end.

At the race start looking down towards the start line

The race started and finished at the village green which is always convenient. Also plenty of loos. And if I'm not mistake we started BANG on time too.  Its the 30th year this race is being run and the residence are really great.  A lot of them set up their deck chairs in their driveways and would cheer everyone as they passed .... I felt like the only person they were cheering on as I passed each batch of supporters - it was great and I NEEDED it!

Coming down to about 5.5 miles where the fandamily were waiting.

OK: my knee!!
Well it started at about mile 2 to make itself know but it was bearable for the next few miles. I kept checking my pace on the Garmin my focus and remained comfortably under 11:30 pace until the first killer hill, move over Kilimanjaro I say ;-).  ANyways I managed to run the whole thing and gave myself a worthy pat on the back only to be hit with another hill about half a mile later AGH!!!!...this as it turns out was the "lay of the land".  Now, I KNOW this area, I shouldn't have been surprised; I've run the first 5 miles before as a training run but what I've never felt before are the effects these hills have on you when doing 13miles on the trot and they keep coming at you. Most are not HILLS but LOOOOOOOOONG inclines that seem to go on forEVAR!
Fuelling felt good: water at all the water stations; Espresso Hammer Gel at mile 5'ish; 2nd gel at about mile 8 and ibuprofen at about mile 9.5 ..... my knee was more than shouting at me & I had to in order to finish.  I know this is not best practice but it worked for me (I do not advise anyone else to do this btw).

About to cross the finish line. 
If you can see, what is with the sweaty boob action I had going on?!?!

In eeerrrrmmmm "full flight" ;-)

Finally done with my own personal cheering crew

I still need to check final race results for chip time so will hit you all up with yet ANOTHER report that is all stats and graphs .... I know, I know try contain your excitement would ya ;-)