Thursday, 30 August 2012


Ok I've been in the doldrums again with "stuff"

  1. missing the hubby who has been in Boston all week
  2. Rufus puppy is, as I type, getting his hips and legs x-rayed to check for canine hip dysplasia
  3. I've lost my running fairy and the mojo is listless
  4. I have no energy
There are a few steps I' taking to try get this all back on track
  1. Hubby is home Saturday ... YIPPPPEEEE, I'm counting the sleeps heart
  2. Addressing Rufus puppy's problem to find a solution
  3. ??? hoping 4 sorts this out!
  4. No more Dukan bread!
"WHAT?" I hear you ask of number 4 ... well hear me out.  Since I made this gorgeous bread last weekend the scales have gone up (NOTHING else has changed in my diet), I have lost energy and been headachy.  This bread contains cornflour and yeast and I believe these to be the culprits! So it was all finished yesterday and I'm not making any more, I will *suffer* with pancakes instead which are just as scrummy.  As an added measure I am taking iron water again and having Berocca's as well.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the last of the summer holidays.