Saturday, 18 August 2012

Road Trip Roundup

We had a fantastic road trip around England UK.  We headed out with our first stop being Gateshead (near Newcastle) and even the boys were excited without really knowing where we were going.  We traveled A LOT of miles, 980 odd ...

Lots of miles clocked up (& todays temp ergo NO run today!!)
My main concern as being able to stick to my diet at all the roadside stops we were going to have to make.  Marks & Spencer were my saviour on the trip up I was very good; I also managed to make good choices with hotel food.  I will say that to go unhealthy and eat junk would have been VERY easy and much cheaper (which gets my goat!).  I was hoping to catch up with the local blogging lasses in the North but family and tourist demands took over so I will have to make another trip but add a day especially for them. 

OK, here are some of my better food choices, followed by my not so good food choices .....

Good food choices ... even when out at a Pizza restaurant :-)

The not so good food choices

After we left Gateshead we went to Holy Island, Lindisfarne.  I absolutely loved my run on Holy Island and it probably had something to do with the fact I love the place.  I am over the moon that the boys loved it too and they want to go back for a week next year :-) 

Running 6 miles on a very windy Holy Island with the wind in my face for my 3 miles back :-( !!!

After the island we went to Edinburgh, did the obligatory open top bus tour, saw some of the road/promenade where they run part of the Edinburgh marathon (yes I hope to put it on my list one day); while there I also managed a treadmill run and a 300meter drowning swim and looked like a sucked mango pip afterwards ...

Post drowning at the hotel pool!!
PS monopoly money for anyone who spots mini-me-jnr hiding behind me!!!!!!!!!!!
Hotel treadmill run.
How to survive "running on the road"!!! 
I really love Edinburgh but there was SO much road and building work going on it kinda detracted by from the romance of it, that and the boys just wanted to get back to the hotel to swim - a few vices about traveling with the kiddos!

After Edinburgh we went to Cheshire to visit with more family but it was way more relaxing and no hotel - it was heaven and really great to catch up with them all.  One of those visits where you leave thinking "must not leave it so long next time!"

Home trip was hideous, I made BAD food choices and thanks to the V festival with everyone and their dog being on the M6; and then the M25 as always was chocka, I avoided road rage by thinking of Zumba later that evening ... it did the job :-)

And to end off I need to show you how big TJ the duck grew in 8 days!!!!  what HAS he been eating???
Little duckling Tj at 4 weeks old.
So I am back to routine of summer holidays at home.  I must confess to not doing much blog reading but will try catch up when I can.

How are you all doing? Anything exciting happen or happening??