Monday, 6 August 2012

Quickly & Road Trip Planned

Some of you may remember last year summer holidays I went a bit A-Wall on my blog, I just seem to be distracted by everything and anything going on that I find it hard to even fit in a run .... funny though that I'm never too busy for Facebook ;-)

Boy are having fun on their summer holidays ...
Their food choices could be better - I'm trying!!!
Mom is still here on holiday & ...
Mom, the boys and moi are planning a road trip up North so all you north England lasses I'll be Gateshead to Edinburgh Friday to Tuesday - coffee??

Boys have had fun scooting at the skate park and bowling is always a hit.  

Rain has stayed away for the most part, besides my Sunday morning run where I got SOOOOOO wet I nearly drowned!
I'm LOVING the olympics and even spotted Team USA wearing Sparkly Soul headband and she won GOLD :-)

TJ the duck is alive and well, he's AT LEAST 5 times bigger today than he was when we brought him home ... I've had to order him new digs YET AGAIN!

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Happy summer everyone