Saturday, 21 July 2012

You are my sunshine

Oh my word after all the rain we have been having, and since I posted about all the rain we have been having apparently we are getting some sunshine, can I hear a WHOOPWHOOP please :-)  If you want to know why you can check it out here ....
All I know is I spent today in the garden working my ass off, after a bootcamp secession to-boot.  To say I am cream-crackered right now is an under statement.

For some the day as a little less stressful ....

We are officially on summer holidays here in the UK and the boys had their last day of school Friday.  Mini-me-snr's teacher (he's had her for 2 years running) was getting married today so the kids decorated her classroom on Thursday evening and did a walk through arch and covered her in confetti on her way out of school on Friday - it was really lovely to see all the kiddos so excited and all the mommy's had that far away "remembrance" look in their eyes (I know I did).

Lovely teacher lady on her way to become a MRS :-)

Diet is on track although my one moan would be that hubby is loosing more weight than me and does ZERO exercise at the moment whilst I'm busting my ass!!!  Go figure ... MEN! AGH! :-)

Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday.