Monday, 9 July 2012

Running Help Me Post

Bit of a help me post here.  I did the Nike+British 10k yesterday and whilst I missed my targets, loftily set I hasten to add, I did run an average pace of 11:29 min miles (walked the water stations and then some though) and I finished in 01:14:09 (not sure why it says 01:14:13 below ???!!!).  Anyways ...

As usual ... my pacing was spectacularly uneven.  

NOW why my dilemma if indeed it is one:

I read about 5k pace, 10k pace, half marathon pace etc and how certain training runs are to be run at xyz slower than xyz race pace but I don't feel like I actually PUSH when I run a race ... I just survive to get around if that makes sense; so does that make my 10k race pace 11:29 min miles or am I over analysing things?? Should I be more decisive of what I want to do when running a race or even call them races if all I do is get around in a time I may run a training run .... and possible over analysis!??!!
I'm asking because if I can get my training right my race times should improve, or at the very least have more or less even pacing ..... RIGHT?!?!?!?!

I enjoyed the race and had a blast doing it rain and all but wonder if I'm just making a mountain out of a molehill with regards to speed/pace/targets.

Full race report will follow once the official mug shots are up and then I can put something together.

Happy Monday Everyone