Sunday, 1 July 2012


1st of the month.  I'll be insanely corny and say I have no idea where one earth June disappeared to! It must be true that the older you get the faster time seems to go by.

Going to start off with a roundup of Junes targets I set:
1. Try set a weekday routine: bed by 10pm and up at 6am
.... was not very good at this until the last week where I managed week nights 100%
2. Run 40 miles.... 41.9miles run WOOOOHOOOOOO
3. Complete 6 strength/sculpting/toning/weights secessions
.... 4 out of 6.  A vast improvement over May :-)
4. Complete 6 turbo trainer bike secessions
.... mmmmm only 3; not impressive but in my defence the bikes were in the shop this week!
5. Avoid white stodge (bread, potato's, pasta & rice etc) for most of the week (6 outta 7 days ... try counting them this time ;-).
.... I failed miserable on this one; hubby & I are taking MEGA steps to rectifying this and have challenged each other to a weight loss 
6. Go another month without getting on the scale
.... I was feeling so confident last Monday I hopped on - BAD idea at the time turned into a positive (more later)

Overall I'm happy with how June's targets went; the past few days however I have been VERY lazy and done nothing; justification in my head is that my chest has been tight and I've had a slight cough so caved to my lazy side listened to my body  :-)

I've been trying to focus on running at a steady pace as I am totally erratic when I run.  To this end I bought an Audiofuel podcast this weekend to help with the pacing.  I've not tried it yet so will let you know how I go through July.  On the bike front we are changing out bikes on the turbo trainer. Hubster is taking his road bike back *sob* and my mountain bike was treated to new smooth tyres and is now hooked up and ready to go.  I've not been on it yet, might be a bit weird but I'm sure it will be the same if not better as the bike is set for me and my height etc.

OK, it's crunch time, as you may or may not have realised I have a problem with the scale .... it always tells me I weigh more than I think.  I have to now admit that it may be right :-( I am not happy about this but it means that it has jolted me into action and the hubster is on board with me since when he got on the scale he "raised his bat" (an analogy to a cricket score of 100 runs!!!!).  OK so we are amped, prepared and I have been shopping today to get in what we need; I have NOT stocked the kids treat tin but they have what they need for school lunches in the treat department.  This does mean I will be getting on the scales weekly.
So without further a do they here are:

JULY Targets:
1. Continue with the weekday routine: bed by 10pm and up at 6am
2. Run 45 miles
3. Complete 6 strength/sculpting/toning/weights secessions
4. Complete 6 turbo trainer bike secessions
5. Avoid white stooge & cr@p (bread, potato's, pasta & rice; biscuits, cake, sweets etc)
6. Loose weight!!!!!!!!!!

I think thanks to Wimbledon being on (I'll not mention Rafa being knocked out already *very sad face*) I have totally been loving my strawberry and banana smoothies this past week .... what have you been loving in June??