Monday, 30 July 2012

New family member

Before I do my July roundup, I have to tell you about Saturday "doings"!!
We headed out to Surrey at about 10am with the plan of parking at a friends pub and then walk up the road to go watch the cycling (mens olympic road race) coming past.  Well we did all this but I had said I think we should go at 9am because it will be busy ... needless to say we didn't and we JUUUUUST made it to the corner in time to hear the cyclists go past because there was such a crowd we didn't actually SEE them!!!!!  

Then we headed back to the pub, mini-me-snr at this point had a nasty blister on his foot (because he doesn't listen to me and didn't put socks on) so I let him take off his shoes and he scooted/walked back sans shoes but was at least happy :-)  

As we were leaving our mates were getting a box to rescue a little duckling form the bushes as it was left behind by its mother & siblings. Now I brushed off "this is for you" I laughed and said "yeah right" then hubby guilted me by saying it would be drowned by its mother and/or sibling if they tried to put it back with the brood so I crumbled and said we could take it home.  

So without further ado please meet TJ squeak ...

And a few more pics just because its SO cute!
.... we have no idea if its a he or a she so thats why it's an "IT" 

Next post will be my July round up, I know, I know you-all just can't wait ;-)