Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cracking Month Review

WOW that was a cracking July if I may say so.  I'm feeling confident with my running and diet is going amazingly well.  Ran a 10k race in London (UK) and acquired a cute little duckie.

Quick July target review:

1. Continue with the weekday routine: bed by 10pm and up at 6am
Yeah, about that hey ..... I conveniently forgot about the get up at 6am part but have been getting to bed before 11pm most nights - can I say 50% success here??
2. Run 45 miles
HO-YEAH, I managed 47.94 miles and felt great.  This includes the Nike+ British 10k London race
3. Complete 6 strength/sculpting/toning/weights secessions
mmmmmmmmm ........ 3 bootcamp secessions and 2 Zumba
4. Complete 6 turbo trainer bike secessions
1 turbo trainer secession.  Having my bike attached is not as appealing as hubbys bike, I need to get over it!!
5. Avoid white stodge & cr@p (bread, potato's, pasta & rice; biscuits, cake, sweets etc)
Since starting Dukan this has not been a problem.  I had 1/2 a roll last saturday and mash the week before and thats it so I'm claiming 99% success here ;-)
6. Loose weight!!!!!!!!!!
YES, YES and YES 4.08% body weight down - read more about that below 

TJ ... aka TJ Squeak/DJ Squeak ... aka Bob the Duck .... aka Little Duckie Momo ..... having his first swim in the basin. 
And yes, he pooped himself as soon as he got in!!!

OK, cute duckie picture interlude over ;-)

----> More on my Dukan journey (first Dukan post here):

I’m heading into week 5 of Dukan now (1 week attack and 3 weeks on cruise completed) and can truly say this way of eating is suiting me very well.  I have tried so many different diets and healthy eating regimes over the past few years but Dukan (at this stage in my life) seems to take the best from all of them and make it work for my body.
2 July 2012 Start weight: 80.4kg
30 July 2012 Current weight: 74.2kg
That’s 6.2kgs down (or 4.08% of start weight lost) and I am still energized, running and enjoying the food I am eating.
My ratio of Pure Protein (PP):Protein Vegetable (PV) days  follow a PP day alternating with a PV day.  Sometimes weekend days land up both being PV days but I’m not going to stress about that.  Also we seem to have a cheat meal once on the weekend and this has not affected loss that I have noticed.  Hubby does drink beer on these occasions and he has found he will be up by Monday and then back to Saturdays weight by about Wednesday/Thursday but he is also still loosing ☺

So far so good, and we will keep on with Dukan, as we seem to be able to live life and still enjoy family and friends gatherings.  What I will say is that meal planning, shopping right and prepping meals from scratch has been a HUGE advantage to keeping us on track.

OK so my plan for August goes like this:
I am away from 10th to 18th August (road trip with mom & the boys) so will see how sticking to the diet goes for me.

August Targets:

1. Get a weekday routine going and report back what it is!
2. Run 50 to 55 miles (yes even if I go away on holiday)
3. Complete 6 strength/sculpting/toning/weights secessions (these are staying until I get it right!!)
4. Complete 6 turbo trainer bike secessions (these are staying until I get it right!!)
5. Continue to loose weight
6. Start a recipe page on my blog
7. Do ONE fun thing with the kids each day during their summer holidays :-)

Here is to a kick-a$$ August for everyone.