Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mixed emotions

I've been doing a little hiding lately, sorry folks.  In case you are a new reader this generally means I am off fighting demons.  Mostly this encompasses food demons, lack of exercise demons etc etc.  This time however the catalyst has been emotional.  I'm not very good at getting emotions out, I generally internalise them and cry quietly when none is looking.  The last time I cried openly was when I got the news about my dog Billy having a brain tumour and there being nothing they could do for him. I'm quiet and shy, often being mistaken for a snob or rude.  I am trying to suck it up and put on my big girl pants about this particular "issue" but if it comes to fruition I will be one very sad and lonely girl (no one is dying but I forgive you for thinking it).  I can feel myself pulling up the barriers already in preparation to keep people out.

Blogland offers me a release and I am eternally grateful for that.

Exercise is going well: today I ran to and from the kids school to go watch mini-me-snrs 1st half of their sports day (lead by example .... CHECK ;-)).

.... yes the other kids have red dots for heads ;-)


Hubby & I have started to eat healthy TOGETHER, I find it really helps when both are on board.  Again, we are trying to just cut out the rubbish and processed foods we consume during a day and keep it fresh and natural.  I now start my day with a glass of water and then a match Alpro Hazelnut latte ...
Green frothy goodness :-)

Sorry to be erratic and a tad mysterious (does that make me more interesting I wonder ;-) for regular shorter updates don't forget you can follow PGM on Facebook (link top right).

Trying to stay positive and upbeat, its hard but getting there.