Friday, 1 June 2012

June Targets

I thought that since setting myself May goals got me my mojo back that I would do the same for June to help keep the momentum going and possibly even grow it a little.

So here they are, targets for June:

1. Try set a weekday routine: bed by 10pm and up at 6am
2. Run 40 miles
3. Complete 6 strength/sculpting/toning/weights secessions
4. Complete 6 turbo trainer bike secessions
5. Avoid white stodge (bread, potato's, pasta & rice etc) for most of the week (6 outta 7 days ... try counting them this time ;-).
6. Go another month without getting on the scale

So what did we do on the FIRST day of June?? No exercise and ate lemon poppy seed muffins ;-)

muffin ..... what muffin!!!

Have a great weekend everyone, we have a super long one here in the UK thanks to queenie and her diamond jubilee, thanks "Marme".