Thursday, 14 June 2012

Juicy Squelchy Welch's

A few weeks ago I got invited by a promotional company to a preview/launch of Welch's 100% pure grape juice.  I was bound with work commitments so had to decline but they kindly offered to send me a few samples to review. So I was thinking a few small cartons of each flavour .... eeeerrrrmmmm not 16 cartons!!!!
My Welch's stocked fridge

OK so all excited when the kids got home from school I set them up for a taste testing secession:
Kids: "mmmmmmmmm" "yum" "aaah NO"
Me: "it's sweet"
Hubby: "not bad"

Confused by the kids reaction I asked what it was and with each they said it tasted nice at first then they said the after taste wasn't too nice.  So I left it a few days and tried mixing it with water first (still not acceptable to them) and then I mixed it with fizzy water - also given the no by them.  You do have to understand that I have kids with very basic tastes when it come to food or drink.

Myself, well I'm not a big juice drinker but with a few blocks of ice at the end of a hot summers day it would do the trick for me - my personal favourite was the White Grape.

Hubby may not appear to have been overly complimentary but I think it got the nod form him as a "not bad" from hubby is well .... not bad ;-)

My overall summary of the Welch's range of juice I taste tested would be that the taste is almost too complex or advanced for young taste buds and more acceptable for adults.  It can be found in the juice fridge section in your local supermarkets; there also appears to be a shelf version as well which I have not tried.

In the attempt to give you an extra view, Porridge and Parsnips also taste tested the Welch's juices and you can read her review over HERE.

Has anyone ever tried to get their kids to eat and drink (bar alcohol obviously!!) what they do and succeeded?


Disclaimer: I was sent the juice free of charge for the purpose of taste testing and have in no way been compensated for this review nor has it altered my opinion, the views and opinions expressed are mine and those of my family.