Thursday, 3 May 2012

Non-normal day today

I was awake at 5:30am this morning …. SERIOUSLY, I do not wake at that hour on a normal day!
Nope this morning mini-me-jnr & I were off to hospital, nothing serious or life threatening, but a general anesthetic non-the-less.  It’s his third visit that he can remember so the waiting around is the hardest part for him.  We came armed with books, drawing books & pencils and my laptop & DVDs (they do however have a FULL packed playroom here with DSs portable DVDs and more).
Apparently we are so OVER mom taking pictures of us!!
Also we have had the same bed the last 3 visits, nice knowing you Bugs xx

Needless to say after being up since before the birds the first thing I did when he went in at 12:15 was dash down to the Marks & Sparks for some “breakfast” (he’s not allowed to eat or drink anything so I don’t either).  Anyways, I got a scrummy 465calorie BLT on a multigrain bread and an orange and mango smoothie oh and a HUGE cappuccino, ooooops AND some millionaires shortbread …… and ……. mmmmmmmm …. calories IRRELEVANT I say ;-)

Enjoying the little break before little man comes back out; I have his order of chocolate brownies at the ready – normally it’s Percy Pigs but today he wanted something different.  Also got him an apple juice and some grapes which I know he loves.  He never wants “real food” as in a meal when he comes out but a quick nosh on some goodies and then he goes back to sleep.  Basically I get to experience hunger and twiddle my thumbs a lot on days like these.

Hopefully this will be our last trip for this procedure, for mini-me-jnrs sake more than anything.

All the kids in the ward are such little troopers, not really knowing what is going on with them, but each with their own individual personalities and full of love.  I am always so eternally grateful that my children have their health.


PS 13.5 hours later we were home and Chinese dinner consumed, exercise = zero and daily calorie consumption = 6gazillion ;-)