Monday, 7 May 2012

Motivational May

A few Motivational May challenges I need to set for myself.  Let me backtrack a little and explain:

I have recently been have a pity party of dynamic proportion, I even wrote a post about it but stopped myself hitting publish (its one thing to wallow it's another to make others read about it!); suffice to say its been going on for a week now and I truly need to haul my a$$ out of this funk before it does me in.  I have been eating cr@p like a junk-food addict, not exercising and it has fuelled my lethargy to heights as yet never before experienced by myself.

So in the middle of this pity party it was suggested I set some small goals to chase and it got me thinking and I'm ready to take action, set them and then go get them ... in the morning ;-)

Motivational May Challenge:

  1. Run 26.2 miles in May
  2. Paint my nails once
  3. Complete 6 body pump classes
  4. Complete 6 iCycle secessions
  5. Avoid white stodge (bread, potato's, pasta & rice) for at least 6 out of 7 days a week.
  6. NOT get on the scale ... AT ALL, I mean it!
So there are my May goals, I haven't set any for a while so hoping this gives me a little focus for the month. 

Have you found yourself in a funk recently?  Has setting small goals ever helped you get out of a pity party?